COSO IT: Multiple Roles Internship

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COSO IT was founded in the year 2008 with the basic organizational goal of providing excellent products and services in Big Data, Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence. Our highly knowledgeable Data experts are an indispensable asset of our company. With an innate desire to bring a difference in the approach towards understanding the working of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, COSO IT makes serious efforts in collaborating with certified, well trained and experienced professionals. The core team of Big Data professionals also include dedicated scientists who are adept in making use of statistics, mathematics, and Computer Science in a bid to deal with every Big Data problem through a creative analysis. With its wide outreach, COSO IT is passionate about providing its exclusive services to its customers located globally. We feel highly delighted to offer customized solutions with our extensive range of software and services to fit all your Big Data and Artificial Intelligence requirements. In order to grab the best of technological innovations utilized in the USA, Europe, and Asia, COSO IT has been well-branched to provide our best Big Fata and AI services in these locations.

Information Technology Intern

The Information Technology intern will provide project-based support in various areas of IT. They will involve Support, Development, and Quality related tasks on the projects. Ideal candidates are current students pursuing their undergraduate degree in the areas of Electrical or Systems Engineering; Computer Science, or Business Information Technology.

Digital Marketing Intern

As a Digital Marketing Intern, you’ll dig deeper to learn how digital marketing and analytics are directly correlated. This team player will assist with a variety of tasks such as conducting research and analyzing campaign performance. This includes assisting with building out the digital assets and understanding how to analyze performance metrics through numerous digital platforms we use.

Sales Intern

As a Sales Intern, you will be reaching out to new customers and explaining the benefits of our education and technology products. Achieving monthly sales targets by acquiring new clients. Creating a database of new clients. Prospecting for new customers through existing leads and cold calling and maximizing lead generation.

Human Resources Intern

The Human Resources Intern will support will involve in recruitment, talent management, HR documents and policy, Understand policy, procedures, and benefits.

How Long Will This Internship Last? The duration of the internship varies depending on the semester. The internships align with university academic semesters. Interns are requested to work between 20 to 25 hours a week for a Parttime internship, while fulltime interns may work up to a full-time schedule (37.5 hours).

Receive new internships straight to your inbox:
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